Communication is key in any relationship dynamic and is essential in building a constructive environment. Some people may not be fully aware of how they approach conversations with others. There are things people do that actually shut down what is known as “mindful communication.” This is defined as being fully present in one’s conversations while also being receptive and empathetic to others whom one may be speaking with.

  1. Ease The Wandering Mind

People’s minds naturally tend to drift away at certain points in a conversation. It can be quite easy to dissociate and allow a person’s mind to drift off. Many people can tell when this is happening and feel as though they are not being heard while speaking. Minds often wander off when dealing with a lot of stressors, responsibilities, or general tasks. It is best to be conscious when this happens and bring the mind back to the topic at hand.

  1. Undivided Attention

Each person should feel as though their words are not falling on deaf ears. So, practice more eye contact for starters. Some people find comfort or simply have the habit of looking at their phones or other electronics during a conversation, believing that they can multitask. However, the person often ends up missing some key details of what’s being spoken. So, give the person you are speaking to your full attention.

  1. Common Good

Don’t approach the conversation with any subconscious emotions of resentment or closed-mindedness. This shuts the conversation down before it begins and the other person can feel when the other individual is closed off. So, a genuine approach to finding common ground is very effective.

  1. Practice & Patience

Everything takes practice to master. That being said, it is only natural to sometimes revert back to old habits. The important thing is that both people approach communication from a willingness to be more mindful and aware of how the other feels.

  1. Set The Intention

One should think about what they’d like out of the dialogue as well as what they plan on bringing to the conversation. By having a clear mind and desired result, communication will find its resolve much easier. This makes speaking more efficient as everyone can express their points and stay on topic. It’s best to be as understanding as possible and perhaps seek to grasp the perspective of whomever is speaking.

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