The world of business has drastically changed since the idea of receiving promotions was the one of the only ways to move up the corporate ladder. Today, adapting entirely new skillsets is required in order to continue one’s success, and applying those skills without being prompted to do so should be at the front of every individual’s mind who wishes to make a name for themselves. To best avoid becoming stagnant in your current position, be sure to abide by the following guidelines for continued success.


It’s a skill that many understand the importance of, but few are willing to actually do. As mentioned, aspects of business are constantly changing. Receiving a promotion today is not as easy as it was 50 years ago. Performing your job consistently without branching out to adopt newer skills does not guarantee you a raise or a better position, and can actually cast a shadow of mediocrity over you in the eyes of your superiors.

Strive to take on more challenging tasks, and never stop seeking opportunities in which you can grow yourself. A new position demands new responsibilities, which you can prepare for with the willingness to adapt and adopt new skills.


An absolutely vital skill that is referred back to time and time again, communication is the key to growth in business. Understand your current role and the roles of those around you. Constant interaction becomes small talk once you’re able to understand your business’s goals and how every member of the team does their part. If your peers and managers see you as a reliable source of information, you are much more likely to make an impact within your company. Fellow employees coming directly to you with questions or concerns can sharpen your managerial skills, which are likely to be put to the test once you’ve actually taken on the position of manager.

Be clear and decisive in everything you say. Confidence is another trait of great communicators. Even if you don’t have the answer to a particular question, or the resolution to a certain problem, confidently admit that you have to come across something of this nature, and that you will dedicate time to resolving it. Lying and stating that you have all the answers will only backfire.

Reject Comfortability

While it is a great feeling to fully understand every aspect of your job, and to be able to perform everything asked of you with comfort, it can quickly read to stagnancy. An employee that performs their job well without seeking growth is one bound to stay in their position for a long period of time.

Once you’ve reached this level, speak with your superiors on what else you could be doing to help the company, and always be willing to take on new challenges. This drive to better yourself will always be seen as an asset to those in higher positions. Very little can be achieved within one’s comfort zone. Pushing yourself, and being able to take risks will ultimately lead to reward.

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