Elon Musk’s success in the startup world isn’t any accident. From secure payment websites and electric cars to digging holes and planning trips to Mars, Elon has what it takes to have his hands in many different pots. Add in a bit of controversy and preference for the more unique things in life and you’ve got one magnetic personality; an inspiration to all ambitious entrepreneurs and internet connoisseurs alike. Below are some leadership traits for those who aspire to the genius and talented leadership of Musk.



Elon Musk is a visionary. He doesn’t allow himself to fall victim to self imposed limits but instead aims big, taking it upon himself to save the future of the planet by fighting for a sustainable environment, specifically through Tesla’s electric cars and The Boring Company’s underground Hyperloops. And if that doesn’t work out, he has Mars as a Plan B. These larger than life ideas come from a leader who believes in the capability of those who follow him, and he does what is required to make his vision a reality.

Handles Criticism:


A leader makes many decisions, large and small, and in the position of leader, with some of those decisions being popular and others being not as well received. By being in the spotlight like Elon has become, one needs to be able to handle the barrage of criticism for even the smallest of decisions. Elon is able to do this effortlessly, as he is consistently transparent about all decisions he makes. Not only does this make him relatively resistant against attacks and criticism, but it gains him the support of those he leads as well as the general public, who see him as more of a genuine man for both his honesty and modesty.

Not Afraid:

Being in the position of leader comes with many intimidating obstacles and overwhelming challenges to average people, such as uncertainty of the business ventures’ success, maintaining accordance with laws and regulations, and general operation of multimillion dollar companies. Musk is able to handle the stress and fear that may come from facing these challenges, and he is able to do so while being himself in the public eye.


Elon Musk is proficient at what he does, which is more than just engineering, gaining him the respect from those he leads. This gives him the capability to make more impactful decisions to help achieve his visionary goals.

Musk is many things, but one thing that is certain is his capability as a leader. In having leaders like Elon, there may be hope for the future of planet Earth, and perhaps all of humanity, especially if he can inspire others to be like him and adopt his characteristics as a leader.

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