If there’s anything we as business leaders can take away from Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman, it’s that great leadership comes from within. With all the latest superhero movies being produced in the last decade, CEOs and managers need not look any further for inspiration. Fighting super villains and battling crime are just run-of-the-mill activities for these fictional characters, but behind the mask are several lessons to be learned for those in leadership positions.

Perfect Your Skill

Not having superpowers does not mean you cannot be a strong-willed leader. As the age old saying goes, practice makes perfect. Batman did not become the Dark Knight the minute he was born. He was molded into Gotham’s protector through hardships and years of training (as well as a decent sum of inheritance). Embrace the difficulties you will inevitably face. Learn from them, and never stop practicing your craft, no matter what that may be.

Don’t Turn Away Assistance

Becoming a successful leader in business is a journey that does not have to be traveled alone. Uncle Ben and Aunt May were Peter Parker’s support system throughout his strenuous ordeal of becoming Spiderman. Alfred is Bruce Wayne’s trusted butler and safety net when faced with nearly impossible tasks. Wonder Woman had the support of the Amazons. Strong leaders know that there are times in which it cannot be done alone, and to deny any help would only be guaranteeing failure.

Accept Criticism

In nearly every superhero timeline, their assistance was not initially accepted by the citizens of the world. Spiderman and Batman were labeled as criminals despite their efforts to do good. Superman was as an alien to Earth before showing the planet that he is here to help. Your efforts and proposals will not always be met with open arms. Do not let this deter you from continuing. If you business model is valuable, appreciation will come with time.

Everyone is Vulnerable

Every superhero has their weakness. If it is not a direct attack from super villains like Lex Luthor, The Joker, or the Green Goblin (i.e. competition), it is an innate weakness that can inhibit their abilities. Superman is halted by kryptonite. The Human Torch cannot succumb to water or extremely cold temperatures. Batman is haunted by the loss of his parents. While not all superheroes are inherently human, they do possess human emotion; making them vulnerable. As a leader, understand that emotions will come into play, and that admitting when mistakes are made is crucial.

Superheros from all universes can teach us a lot about our leadership habits and abilities. Discover the heroic traits that you have within yourself, and utilize them as strengths rather than weaknesses.

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