In a busy workplace, it’s easy to be so focused on completing everyday tasks that one forgets the company’s core mission and beliefs. When these are forgotten, long-term results can suffer. To stay on top of all responsibilities, managers must take time each day to emphasize culture and reinforce core beliefs. These four easy-to-implement methods keep culture on track to success, according to Inc.

Culture management starts with leadership

To effectively manage corporate culture, leaders must make the values, goals, and beliefs of the organization clear. Making this happen goes far beyond a mission statement. Leaders need to advocate for these values and beliefs consistently, as well as implementing methods for their execution.

For example, if taking care of the customer is a core belief, upper management must consistently emphasize the importance of customer service. Employees need to connect this value with their day-to-day tasks. When leaders practice what they preach by embodying these values, employees know they must take these values seriously and practice them consistently.

Take a tactical but practical approach

Actions that reinforce cultural values must be consistent, and to be consistent, they must be practical to implement on a daily basis. With workplace demands making managers increasingly harried, finding time for culture management becomes a challenge. By taking a few minutes every day to take an action to promote culture, managers can make a lasting impact. For example, crafting a brief email recognizing an example of excellent customer service gives employees a customer service model.

Use meetings to promote culture

It’s easy to bemoan meetings. They can become exhausting, especially when managers have pressing tasks on their plates. Since meetings are an inevitable part of today’s business world, use them as an opportunity to build culture. Taking a few minutes to discuss customer service, while everyone on the team is present, efficiently disburses this cultural imperative throughout the organization.

Create cultural champions

Who in management has the natural ability to promote the cultural values that are so important to the company’s success? By identifying these folks and giving them roles as cultural champions, companies create a force they can deploy to build cultural initiatives. For example, a customer-service expert is the perfect person to advocate for the company’s client-centered approach. This individual can then be deployed at different times to different areas where customer service training and reinforcement are needed.

To succeed in today’s competitive business climate, organizations must have a cohesive operation centered around core beliefs. Customers choose a company because they can rely on that company to meet expectations. Emphasizing a culture that strives for excellence keeps customers coming back.

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