In today’s world dominated by technology and a rise in artificial intelligence, many people may begin to worry about job security and what can be replaced by a more efficient, cost-effective machine. However, something that cannot be replaced by technology is a competent set of people skills. Thought it may seem like a contradicting effort, being more human can actually benefit your business more than certain pieces of technology. These can be defined as having soft skills.

As machines and AI begin to take over more and more aspects of business, jobs performing the duties that these technological advancements cannot do themselves are becoming more popular, and certain areas of business are being recognized as irreplaceable in the increasingly digital world. Here are some of those business aspects that require soft skills and human interaction.

Company Culture

Building the behaviors you want to see within your company is something very human that spreads quickly throughout the business, affecting how each and every employee does their jobs. It’s an infectious positivity that runs almost solely on emotion and dedication that cannot be harnessed by a piece of technology.

Soft skills applied to a company’s culture give the hard skills purpose. For example, performing the necessary tasks required in your current job position are achievable, but thinking of who you are affecting and exactly why you are doing them allows you to practice empathy.


Something that artificial intelligence can actually hinder is the possibility of employees developing more empathy through a diverse staff. Rather than working alongside a computer or machine-operated piece of equipment, individuals that are able to communicate with one another and share their worldviews are subject to learning, and thus an expanded realm of knowledge.


Many new employees are encouraged to learn from their more seasoned peers when faced with challenges that they are unsure how to solve. This allows younger staff members to learn through human interaction, which has been proven to be more beneficial than digital interaction.

Not only can they learn a new skill, but through working alongside experienced staff members can teach them proper office etiquette, and learn the company culture. As a leader in the workplace, assign your most skilled and experienced employees to teach newer hires so that they are brought up to speed on every aspect of the business.

Soft skills are extremely important in the world of business, and are some that cannot be replaced by technology, no matter how advanced it may be. While there is certainly a possibility that future forms of artificial intelligence will be capable of displaying human emotion, businesses today will undoubtedly benefit most from these through human hires and skilled employees.

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