Defining someone as a “good person” is a flattering, yet vague label that can often be misconstrued depending on the context. In business however, a good person may be seen as one who is efficient, morally sound, and selfless. The key is introducing goodness into your business practices rather than simply being good, or in other words, adequate.

The word ‘goodness’ can be much more easily defined than a good person. This includes a person’s values, intangible traits, and sense of decency. Having a business embodied by goodness, or you as a manager possessing these traits can go much further than once thought, but it is more than just focusing on good results.

With advancements in technology manifesting nearly every single day, businesses all over the world can improve at rapid rates, making personal interactions that much more important. Company representatives who display themselves professionally and kindly, and are often seen as “good people” are much more likely to progress their respective businesses. But, these values must be instilled from the top. The most successful managers create a widespread adjustment throughout their companies, their industry as a whole, and, at times, their communities. Goodness is often contagious.

In terms of leadership, surrounding yourself with people who you believe are intrinsically good is one of the most beneficial practices you can implement. Both you and these employees will often put others first and work toward a common goal, helping each other along the way. The want and drive to improve not only yourself, but those around you is what creates a remarkably better a business. This goes with the notion of separating a boss from a leader, and rather than developing followers, developing future leaders.

Charisma is another trait often possessed by those who embody goodness. It’s a characteristic that cannot be taught, but can be honed in on by those who have it. A charismatic individual is one who has great communication skills, listening skills, and the willingness to lead at all costs. With charisma also comes selflessness, and the ability to focus on how one’s actions affect those around him or her. The input of everyone is much more impactful than the input of one person.

Putting your heart into your company and having as much care for those around you as yourself is what can define a good person in the world of business. Not only will you inspire both your employees and your clients, but you will make a lasting impact on them, which can effectively grow your business in ways you may have never thought before.

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