It’s easy to come across the thousands of blogs that tell you how to be a good leader and apply those skills to your everyday business routine, but actually wanting to be a good leader that your employees understand as you caring takes an entirely different approach. In order to truly make an impact as a leader, you’ll need to be authentic.

Certain individuals may possess a great deal of leadership skills, while others may struggle to learn and adopt them. Though education in this field and striving to grow is always beneficial, it’s important to distinguish a new set of skills required from a drastic change in who you are as a person. Studies have actually shown that authenticity as a leader can actually lead to a higher level of job satisfaction among your employees, as well as their overall commitment to their jobs.

First, always hold yourself accountable, and never be afraid to admit when you’re wrong. Everybody makes mistakes, and no one is void of doing of so. Owning up to these shows your team that you are actually human, and not a corporate entity designed for the success of the business. After you admit any wrongdoings, seeking for help from your team is not something to be ashamed of, and displays the trust you have in those who work for you. Develop an open culture in which no employee is afraid to communicate and ask for assistance when needed.

Company goals are obviously shared throughout the business, but as a leader, share your own development goals with your team. Tell your employees what you hope to personally accomplish in the future, and how those goals can not only benefit yourself, but them, and the business. This can easily inspire others to share their goals, and even give them ideas on how they can improve their skillsets.

Keep your employees up to speed not only with where you plan on taking the business, but how you feel about it every step of the way. That is to say, share your feelings. Emotional connections at a professional level can greatly motivate individuals. People want to work with for individuals they can connect with. Which of your business goals are you most excited about? Which are actually more fearful? Displaying these emotions can echo throughout your company’s team members in a positive way.

Include your employees in every process that involves them. Get their input and how they feel about their individual roles. As many entrepreneurs know, a happy team is a successful team. Ask them if there’s anything they feel they could be doing better, or if they’d prefer to take on a different task so long as their requests are acceptable. Keeping them involved and active within the business will not only show that you care about their happiness, but that you are truly searching for the best strategies to achieve success.

Many CEOs and business owners today remain behind closed doors and interact very infrequently with their employees. At a smaller level, if you wish to improve a variety of business aspects with one simple act, display authenticity to your staff. It can go very far in the success of your company.

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