Commonly regarded as one of the greatest martial artists of all time, Bruce Lee was known for his exceptional skills in Jeet Kune Do (a style he created himself), his overall physical capabilities, and most importantly, his leadership skills.

It’s an aspect of his professional career that is often overlooked. Lee was more than just martial arts phenom. He was also an extremely inspirational trainer and leader from both a physical and spiritual standpoint. Because of this, there are several lessons those in leadership positions can take away from his teachings.

Education must implemented

Amongst Bruce Lee’s students, all were taught the importance of following through with their newfound knowledge and wisdom. Without action, knowledge is effectively useless. The same mindset can be applied to leaders teaching new employees.

While inspiring staff members and boosting their morale is certainly an important aspect of training, without them translating this drive into action, your training will have been meaningless. Hold yourself responsible for the everyday production of your team. Make sure all of your (hopefully) well-trained employees are applying their newly adopted skills as best as they can. Even failure is a positive sign. It shows that there is effort being put forward, which leads to the next lesson that can be taken away from Bruce Lee’s philosophies.

See failure as an opportunity for growth

What should come as no surprise is the number of times Bruce Lee was injured while performing stunts or exercises. Being the devoted martial artist that he was, Lee used this time away from the sport to apply his knowledge elsewhere; writing. He wrote about topics such as willpower, confidence, emotion, and reason, all of which continued to inspire his students and peers offscreen.

As a leader, you should always be prepared to fail. When you inevitably do, make sure you have the resources available to overcome any obstacles, and work on tasks that can be completed otherwise. Try to waste as little time as possible when certain doors close, and make yourself useful in other areas.

Open mindedness is vital

Bruce Lee was a firm believer that constantly changing your views was the best way to accumulate knowledge. By this, he meant that allowing newer concepts to be introduced to you could effectively change the way you look at a certain situation. For example, a new piece of information that comes to light forcing you to change a business strategy can have a profound effect on the way you see your company’s growth.

Allow confusion to overcome you when you are faced with a difficult situation. While this may seem counterintuitive, it can lead to new, innovative ideas when seeking solutions. This will aid in you and your employees receiving a continuous education throughout your time together.

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