Anyone who hears the words “I’m lovin’ it,” will most likely picture golden arches and start to smell salty fries. Because McDonald’s has such a powerful brand message, hearing that catchphrase has become synonymous with the restaurant. McDonald’s isn’t the only brand that has coined a unique term. Nike, Subway, Burger King, Skittles, KFC, and many, many more brands all have brand messages that go hand in hand with their products.

Why It Matters

You may be wondering, “So what? Why does having a catchy phrase or slogan matter?” Well, the truth is, it can be so much more than a slogan. It’s a trigger. Every time someone hears that phrase, they instantly think of the brand, product, or service it is associated with. This drives them to want that food, that shoe, or that item. They connect with the message, perhaps unconsciously. The connection to the brand drives them to buy.

What a Strong Brand Message Can Do For Your Business

Having a strong brand message can help with the following:

  • Bonding clients with your brand
  • Make customers more likely to spread the word
  • Allow you to sell your products at a higher price
  • Encourage customers to stay loyal to your brand

How to Create a Brand Message

According to Forbes, there are several things to keep in mind when creating your brand message. Consider the following:

  • Your brand’s industry and the market
  • Competitors
  • What you are offering customers
  • Your target audience
  • Customer pain points, likes, and behaviors

Forbes also mentions several tips when writing your brand message such as keeping it short, including a core value, and making it relatable. Don’t make your message overly complicated or hard to understand. The best brand messages thriving today are short and sweet.

Remember, anyone can start a business. However, making your business a brand requires careful thought, dedicated action, and a killer brand message. By developing something unique to your brand, you can drive out competition and connect with your customers on a deeper level. Get started on your message now and watch your business transform into a brand.

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